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Friday, February 14, 2020

Telling Time Video

7 ??? to Ask About School

***   Tell me about all the activities you did on Wednesday, which was the 100th day
of school so far.

***  We made coin combinations that totaled $1.00 on Wednesday.  See if you can figure out these puzzles:  use 11 coins to make $1.00.  Use 7 coins to make $1.00.

***  Which hand is which on a clock?  When the hour hand is between 2 numbers on the clock, do you say it's the lower hour or the higher hour?

***  What are 2 ways to say this time:  10:30?   How about 7:15?

***  We just began a new writing unit on persuasive writing.  What does persuade mean?  What are some things you are including in your "I Want to Be President" piece of writing?

***  What's the difference between these 2 groups of spelling words:  group 1-century, cent, twice, and cereal;  group 2-combine, cape, camera, and cow?

***  What do you have left to finish on your country poster project?  Do you still need any pictures from home or are you finished?  What songs are you performing at the Heritage Fair?

Monday, January 6, 2020

Read Aloud/Book Introducing Immigration

7 ??? to Ask Your Child About School

*   Show me how to solve these double-digit subtraction problems:  55-25;  81-60;  33-15;  and 92-45.

*   What is a subtraction problem that goes with each poem:  MORE on top, no need to stop;  NUMBER's the SAME, you've got game;  and MORE on the floor, go next door and get 10 more?

*   Sometimes a y makes a vowel sound, especially when it's the last letter in a word.  Tell me whether the -y in each word makes an i or an e sound:  supply, candy, my, happy, apology, yummy, tiny, and rely.

*   How did your land form/water body model turn out?  Did you include a lake, river, or ocean?  What did your island have for land forms?

*   What were your 4 resolutions for the new year?  How are you doing with them so far?

*   We are just about ready to start our newest project on family heritage and culture.  What country have you decided to study?  On which continent is that country?  Can you find it on a map?

*   When we research our countries, we will try to find out as much as we can about it.  Do you already know anything about any of the following:  money, food, clothes, houses, holidays, religion, transportation, schools, songs, games, sports, or language?  (if not, you SOON will)

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

  We started studying idioms in late October.   Anyone remember the tall actor who played Father Munster on the black and white tv show, The Munsters?  He wrote several books that have idioms, puns, and other word play.  Here's one story called "The King Who Rained"- get the joke?  The actor's name was Fred Gwynne.

7 ??? to Ask Your Child About School

*   Tell me all about the science lab reports you have started during writing workshop.  What happened during the Sphere Olympics?  Which ball won/lost, and what were the reasons?

*  When you work on a science lab report, why is it important to run the experiment more than once?  What is a hypothesis?  What was your hypothesis about the balls in the Sphere Olympics?  How did your predictions turn out?

*  When you analyze your results, you try to come up with reasons why something turned out a specific way.  For example, even though many of the balls in the Sphere Olympics were dense, not all of them made it to the finals.  Loretta (lacrosse ball), Golly (golf ball), and Teeny-Tiny (small marble) were all dense, but Loretta won easily.  Why?

*  Explain how a small word changes when you add the "magic e" to it.  What new words do you create when you add an -e to these words:  fin, shin, tap, spin, glob, mad, man, and con?

*  We started to make idiom books in late October.  What is an idiom?  Tell me about some of the idioms you have used so far in your book.  What do the following idioms really mean:  it's raining cats and dogs;  don't let the cat out of the bag;  you look like a million bucks;  the game was a heart-breaker;  and I'm feeling a bit under the weather?

*  What are the 3 main parts of the water cycle?  See if you can describe the models we made of mountains, precipitation, rivers, and water run-off.

*  If you have 5 trays filled with 4 cookies on each tray, how many total cookies do you have?  What is the total of 6 rows of 2 chairs?  How about 8 baggies filled with 3 candies in each bag?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

7 ??? to Ask Your Child About School

*   Tell me what has been happening in "The Grand Escape" so far.  What was mystery number one?  What was the second mystery?  

*   How did Texas Jake react when he realized Marco and Polo were still alive?  What do you predict will happen in the third and final mystery?

*    What words can you make out of these endings of words:  _____ll;  _____ss;  _____ff; and _____zz?

*   Tell me about the wigwam and Native American shield you are making.  What symbols are you using on your shield?

*   What is the value of 4 tens?  19 tens?  How about 42 tens?  How can you show the number 180 in different ways?

*   If I break up the number 729, I can also say I have 700 + 20 + 9.  Show me how to do this with the number 418.  How about 290?

*   What were some mountain ranges and rivers you added to your world map with all the continents?  Where is the Nile River located?  How about the Rocky Mountains?  Mt. Everest?